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Surrendering to My Crush APK 1.05 Download 2023

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1.05 for Android
Updated On:
May 03, 2023
888.4 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
Visual Novel

Surrendering to My Crush APK - Aiko, the person he is in love with, and a twenty-year-old man both move into the same apartment building. He has always been a very polite and reserved boy, so Aiko discovers his feelings for her practically by mistake. He will learn that Aiko is not all sweetness and innocence.​

The Ren'Py and Chara company created the visual novel Surrendering to My Crush, which has various choices that affect how the game plays.


You are a 20-year-old boy with a crush on a girl you have known since you were a young child. You have never expressed your feelings to her since you have always been a very shy and ashamed person, but when she almost accidentally finds out, you will understand that she is not the good and sweet girl she has always seemed to be.

Main Fetishes: Chastity, femdom, tease & denial, foot fetish, sissification, small penis humiliation, feminization, anal, crossdressing, milking.

Skipeable fetishes: Cum eating, Cuckold, Forced bi, threesome

Gamers are transported to a little village where a young kid has moved in to dwell in Surrendering to My Crush. The young man discovers himself in a high-rise building where Aiko, a cute young woman, also resides. After knowing of his crush, Aiko shows him signs of devotion. Teenagers will become closer to one another and indulge in numerous lusty activities throughout the passage. Due to the number of pornographic sequences, the project is intended for adult users who are of legal age.

Users require the following during romantic excursions in "Surrender to my crush":

  • Make wise choices on the protagonist's behalf to guide the story's development in the right direction.
  • Build enduring relationships between characters by choosing the right dialogue cues and dialogue choices.
  • During sexual cutscenes, take part in a range of activities and deeds to make the story's characters experience orgasms.

Moving through the brief plot, where you get to entice the lady with a range of sexual delights, is the user's major responsibility. You're required to partake in numerous perversions alone with a lovely girl who is missing the comfort of males. Based on her personality and preferred form of sexual entertainment, Aiko will respond to the protagonist's actions in every way. The game is created in the style of a traditional visual novel, where each choice the player makes will affect the course of events and the resolution.

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