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Garena Free Fire Force APK 1.98.1 Download 2024

1.98.1 for Android
Updated On:
May 05, 2023
384 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Garena Free Fire Force APK - One of the early titles in the survival game genre is Garena Free Fire Force APK. You won't miss the release of this game if you are already familiar with Garena Free Fire MAX or Fortnite. Let's look at some of the highlights this game offers in this article.

A scaled-down version of "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds" for mobile devices is called Garena Free Fire. The official blockbuster "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (Garena's Survival Super Product)" is still incomparable to it. Currently, Garena Free Fire serves as the primary free support for the two platforms Android and iOS. Choking gunfights can be downloaded and experienced.

One can have fun, develop intelligence, skills, strength, and, most importantly, the human survival instinct at Garena Free Fire. In this battle for survival in Garena Free Fire, do you want to be the hunter or the defenseless prey?


Comparing Garena Free Fire to other survival games now available on the market, the gameplay won't differ significantly. Players will continue to engage in ferocious survival battles with 99 other players from across the globe, displaying their true bravery to emerge as the lone survivor at the conclusion of each encounter. This game has amassed more than 100 million installs on Google Play after a protracted time of availability, and it is expected to experience even greater growth in the near future.

Personality system

Garena Free Fire gives players 4 distinct characters to pick from when they play the game for the first time, allowing them to enjoy it more than picking between male or female characters in games of the same genre. In addition, the game lets players upgrade and unlock skills for the character by using the gold they earn from each game screen.

The following provides some background information on the game's characters:


It can withstand 4% more damage as a sailor than the other characters in the game. Ford will have an increased damage resistance of 8–12–16–20%. Players will undoubtedly benefit much from this in the ferocious struggle for survival.


Because she competes on the track, this girl will run faster than the other characters. Her running speed stat will increase from 2, 3, 4, and 5% when increased compared to the default value.


They are friendly policemen. A new edition of the game will grant players free Andrew characters when they check in. When he reaches the maximum upgrade, he has the ability to lessen the damage he takes by up to 10%.


She has greater health than usual as a nurse, allowing her to revive fallen teammates in DUO or SQUAD mode. The character will have 6–12–18–24–30 more HP than a typical character when saved by Olivia.

Common survival game mechanics

Garena Free Fire will continue to offer the standard survival game like other games available right now. Players will specifically be brought into the battle to survive with 49 other players on a game screen. Before engaging in combat with other opponents, you must look for the required items. By doing this, you will suffer less HP damage than other players.

Each game of the war of survival lasts roughly 12 to 15 minutes at a very quick pace, and players have 40 seconds to be ready before they start. The safety zone in Garena Free Fire has a very short duration because of the small size of the map, therefore the player must be exceptionally quick-thinking and determined to live to the very end. The landscape in this game is extremely intricate, making it a "double-edged sword" for every player. Pay attention to it. You can hide in the bushes or woods to avoid encountering attackers, but other adversaries can use this to instantly murder you.

Form a team of friends

Garena Free Fire has three primary game modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. This will make it easier for players to occasionally make decisions, which will increase their interest in the gaming experience. You can ask your pals to join the battle if you take part in multiplayer games like Duo or Squad, or the system will automatically pair you up with any other players nearby.

Each survival battle's condition is strongly impacted by the initial stage, which is thought to be the most crucial one. For instance, if you find the required goods early, you will have a significant edge over your opponents. But if you want to be the last person standing in this game, you must cooperate with other players. There are many things that can lead you to perish.

Gorgeous graphics

Garena Free Fire didn't show any evidence of being inferior to the game or other survival game genres in terms of graphics. Even the game's graphics stood out as being incredibly important in a variety of different ways that promise to give players the most genuine sense of survival from the start. The majority of the game's details are painstakingly polished in terms of appearance, giving the player the impression that they are engaging in a real survival war on their phone screen.

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