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Hello Cafe APK 0.0.18 Download 2024

0.0.18 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 16, 2024
78.2 MB
Required Android:
5 and up

Hello Cafe APK - Greetings from the world of Hello Cafe, a fun simulation game that takes you on a journey filled with laughs and delicious food. You may design and run your very own ideal café by using this charming Android app, which puts you in the shoes of a café manager.

Best Features of Hello Cafe APK

Become an Entrepreneur in the Café Industry

Assume the role of a real café manager in Hello Cafe, where your job is to start from nothing and grow your establishment. You will be able to determine the success and happiness of your restaurant by doing everything from selecting and supervising employees to developing delectable menus and making wise investment decisions.

Assemble a skilled team

Having a knowledgeable and committed staff is essential to operating a successful café. You can get to know more than fifty amiable employees at Hello Cafe, each with their own special skills and characteristics. There will be a wide range of skills available for you to select from, whether you need someone to increase sales or serve food swiftly.

Not only that, but you can elevate the look of your employees by dressing them in the newest and most fashionable skins. Let your creativity go wild and differentiate your café from the competition.

Create the Café of Your Dreams

With more than 250 furniture items in a variety of designs, Hello Café allows you the flexibility to let your creativity run wild and create the ideal café. The options are unlimited, regardless of your preference for a clean and contemporary feel or a warm and rustic atmosphere.

Create Unique Menus

Discover more than 150 hidden recipes to add to the menu at your café and unleash your inner chef. You will have the chance to provide your patrons with hours of happiness by serving them everything from specialty drinks and ice creams to an array of delicious sweets.

Become Part of the Café-Loving Community

Hello Cafe is a thriving community of people who love coffee, not simply a game. You may develop with other like-minded individuals through the guild system, and the more you play with them, the more perks you'll receive, such as access to exclusive furniture and goods.

In addition, you may participate in community events, create the ultimate culinary masterpiece in front of a judging committee, and fight for the top café prize.

The Perfect Café Friend: An Adorable Cat

Without a furry buddy, no café is complete, and Hello Cafe excels with its cute cat companion. Play with this adorable cat to earn bonus points, and dress it up in the cutest skins to further enhance the appeal of your café.


A fun simulation game, Hello Cafe APK features cute graphics, interesting gameplay, and a lively community. This software promises endless hours of fun and the opportunity to let your inner entrepreneur loose, regardless of your experience level as a café manager or your level of familiarity with culinary simulators. Take off on a voyage of joy and delicious food by downloading Hello Cafe APK right now!

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