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May 10, 2023
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Koto Master APK - With the beautiful koto, you can dive into the fascinating world of traditional Japanese music. The koto is the state instrument of Japan. It is a beautiful half-tube zither that is plucked and has deep cultural meaning. Come with us as we learn about the interesting history, building, and ways to play this instrument.

How and why it started

Roots in China and Mongolia

The koto comes from the Chinese zheng and se, which are similar in how they are made and how they are played.

It is also related to the Mongolian yatga, which shows that the instrument was influenced by many different cultures.

Links to music from Korea, Vietnam, and Sundanese

The koto has an effect on nearby countries, like Korea, where it is similar to the gayageum and ajaeng.

In Vietnamese music, the instrument that sounds like the koto is called the àn tranh. In Sundanese music, the instrument is called the kacapi.

Kazakhstan's ties to other cultures

Even in Kazakhstan, where it is called the jetigen, the koto can be heard.

This shows how the instrument can bring people from different countries together and make new musical experiences.

How it's built and what it has

Design and materials that are elegant

The koto is about 180 centimeters (71 inches) long, making it an interesting-looking instrument.

It is typically made out of Paulownia wood, which is also called kiri. This wood gives it warm, resonant tones.

Setting up the strings and tuning

The most popular kind of koto has 13 strings, each of which is strung over a moveable bridge so that it can be tuned accurately.

Different pieces of music may need different tuning changes, which shows how versatile the instrument is.

Changes in String Numbers

There are also versions of the koto with 17 strings that are used as the bass in groups of musicians.

When played with other instruments, this lets the sound be full and layered.

Playing Techniques

Picks for Fingers for Plucking

Three fingerpicks, called tsume, are used to make the unique sounds of the koto.

Fingerpicks are worn on the first three fingers of the right hand. They make it easier to pluck the strings accurately.


With the koto, you can dive into the beautiful world of Japanese music. This half-tube zither that is plucked shows off Japan's rich cultural history and its ties to nearby countries. The koto is a fascinating instrument to listen to because of how it looks, how it sounds, and how it is played. Explore this national treasure's mesmerizing sounds and complex melodies, and let its harmonies take you to a world of peace and beauty.

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