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Black Dove
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May 05, 2023
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5.0 and up

Lạng Sơn 1978 APK - The US and the Soviet Union's "Cold War" is at its pinnacle. By interfering in and being embroiled in all wars and conflicts around the world, both factions vie for control and influence. In parallel to that, superpowers are engaged in an arms race using devastating weapons and cutting-edge methods to threaten other nations. The nuclear menace hangs over everyone like a menacing ghost.

The "rise" of China, which is moving toward realizing the "Chinese dream" and attempting to "oust" the Soviet Union from the regional geopolitical chessboard, is another development during this time period. Southeast Asia. 

1978 in Vietnam

Three years have passed since the two regions were united. Vietnam is still struggling to rebuild itself after decades of war. The schemes to start war from the genocidal forces of Pol Pot in Cambodia and even the "kind brother" in the North continue to pose a threat to the fledgling independence of the S-shaped area.

The southern student Phuong decided to enlist in the military rather than pursue her dream of becoming a teacher in order to "cleanse" her family. Phuong's battalion was, for some reason, transferred to a border post in the distant Lang Son province.

For the time being, Phuong can view his first month of employment here as "peaceful". But in the months that followed, locals began to talk about "man-eating forest ghosts"

Greetings from Lang Son! Where wild forests and mountains are associated with human life, where nature has crafted a majestic landscape that is both incredibly "beautiful" and incredibly "brutal"...

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