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Monster Hunter Now APK 0.1 Download 2024

App By:
Niantic, Inc.
0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 25, 2023
108.3 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Monster Hunter Now APK - Find and kill huge monsters near you! Monster Hunter Now is the newest mobile game in the Monster Hunter series. It has been expertly made to bring the exciting monster fights that the series is known for to mobile devices. Learn how to play and get ready to go on this exciting new trip while you're on the go!


To defeat tall monsters, you need a lot of weapons. As you kill monsters, you'll get materials you can use to make stronger tools and armor so you can hunt even scarier monsters. When you run into certain monsters, you can choose from a variety of weapons in Monster Hunter Now to give yourself the best chance of beating them.


There are monsters from the game Monster Hunter in your neighborhood. Look through our old posts to find out everything you need to know about the huge monsters you'll need to hunt.

"Monster Hunter Now" makes the dream come true for anyone who has ever wanted to hunt monsters in the real world. As a hunter, players will go out into the world and work with other players to take down the most dangerous monsters. This adds a social element to the exciting experience. Since you can play "Monster Hunter Now" on your phone, it's easy to get your friends to join you.  

Get outside and go on a global quest to find and hunt some of the most dangerous monsters from the Monster Hunter universe as they appear in our world. Make powerful tools and work with other Hunters to find monsters that are bigger than life and fight them head-on.

Step into play

In Monster Hunter Now, you have to go outside and move around to hunt monsters that have shown up in the real world. You can find different monsters in the Forest, Desert, or Swamp based on where you are. You can fight these big monsters alone or with other Hunters in exciting battles.

Mark Monsters even when your phone is in your pocket: With Adventure Sync, you can use a paintball to mark monsters as you walk around your town. This brings monster hunting right to your home. As you explore, your Palico can mark passing monsters with Palico Paintballs, even when you're not playing, so you can come back to them later. This keeps the action going and makes sure the game never stops.

Guns and armor

You can use swords, shields, hammers, and bows, among other weapons. To beat certain Monsters, you'll need to collect materials, forge and improve your weapons and armor. As you kill monsters, you'll get materials you can use to make stronger tools and armor so you can hunt even scarier monsters. Gather things like Iron Ore and Monster Bone to make powerful armor that can protect you from stronger monster attacks.

"Monster Hunter Right Now"

The game is a masterfully made version of the original, award-winning series. It moves at your own pace, gives you exciting tasks, and can help you find a lively community of Hunters no matter where you live. Fight the most dangerous monsters, like "Rathalos" and "Diablos." In the future, more monsters will be added. This is your call to adventure, whether you're a die-hard fan of the Monster Hunter series or a newbie ready to take on this new world.

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