Outland Wanderer APK

Outland Wanderer APK 0.0.15 Download 2024

App By:
0.0.15 for Android
Updated On:
May 02, 2023
462 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
Role Playing

Outland Wanderer APK - Player is an outsider who accidentally lands on the Mokken continent. In his endeavor to return to his own Tribe, he develops new relationships with the people, engages in battle against mysterious powers, and learns about his own destiny.

Attention: This game has explicit male anthropomorphic animal nudity. It is only for audiences over 18. Some audiences may find some of the sexual content in the story offensive. The narrative and the story are pure fiction meant merely for amusement.

A dedication to producing various NSFW computer-generated situations in various contexts, such as the fallout from combat or character development. There will be a notice before scenes with additional bugs.

Game Log

A branching plot in which your decisions and objectives will have broader repercussions in the future. The characters assign quests, which vary in terms of their content.

RPG Combat System

Traditional RPG fighting systems often involve the core five stats (STR, INT, TEN, CHA, and AGI), turn-based combat against various enemy types requiring the use of various strategies and abilities, and the possibility that some adversaries may show romantic interest in you after a battle.


A simple inventory system where objects are gathered, purchased, or made from scratch, along with clothing and accessories to wear to customize your appearance. You can also ingest food and potions.

Dungeon Discovery

Explore various dungeons throughout the world, work out riddles, fend off enemies, and finish one-of-a-kind quests there! Dungeon controls include on-screen buttons, WASD, or Arrow Key movement.

Future Strategy:

  • Character Emotion Sprites with more
  • Using NSFW CG Scenes
  • New Area Discovery / Courier Quest Line
  • Music/Sound
  • Dungeon Discovery
  • Various Translation

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