Pokemon Quetzal 0.5.4 APK

Pokemon Quetzal 0.5.4 APK 0.5.4 Download 2023

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0.5.4 for Android
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Jan 30, 2023
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5.0 and up

Pokemon Quetzal 0.5.4 APK - The Alpha 0.6.4 release is now available for download. Next, let's see which differences exist between Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Quetzal.

What is Pokemon Quetzal Apk?

As a remake of Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Quetzal APK brings many important improvements in terms of graphics and mechanics that make it almost entirely different from the original

There is no need to worry if you have never played this title and want to try the improved version offered in this remake. There are, however, significant changes, the most significant of which is the introduction of a Multiplayer Mode, never seen in the Pokemon saga before, as well as a newly revamped battle system that is more reminiscent of Pokemon Sword and Shield, that is, the most recent Pokemon titles.

The game is an optimized and improved version of a Pokemon Emerald that you remember from your childhood. Also, if you haven't played this title, it's an excellent way for generation Z to see how Pokemon were from the first to third generations.

Features of Pokemon Quetzal in 2023

The most interesting thing about this new version of Pokemon Emerald is the differences and advantages that can be found when playing it. Our next step is to list the main reasons why you should play Pokemon Quetzal.

Many more Pokemon Available

As in Pokemon Emerald, we now have pokemon from the first to the eighth generation. The number of new pokemon that have been added and modeled since the original version is overwhelming.

Since the developers plan on continuing to update this game, including the ninth generation, it can be seen that they appreciate the title. In addition to seeing new features, you will be able to play the game again from time to time if you like it.

Updated Battle System

It wouldn't be the same saga without its battle system, and Pokemon Quetzal features an updated battle system for the eighth generation, as well as further updates for future generations.

In addition, we can unlock mega evolutions for our pokemon as they level up and perform powerful Z movements that damage the opposing team.

In the bit version, you will be able to see your pokemon follow you on your adventures as you would have always imagined as you capture them on your adventure. Your pokemon companions will follow you around the map as you go on the adventure. At the beginning of the game you will be able to choose between 40 different pokemon; some were already in the original game's database and some are brand new from other generations by the remake.

Original Graphics and Story

It may surprise some people that Pokemon Quetzal hasn't changed its graphics or story without trying to improve it. Despite the fact that the graphics are imperfect, they preserve the essence of one of the most popular Pokemon games.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the graphics and the main story will be exactly as you remember. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that you will have the same adventure whether you've played it before or not.

New Features:

  • Heartfelt stories from the heart.
  • In Unreal System Time, the game clock will start on March 21, 2010 (the date Pokemon Red and Blue were released in 1996).
  • A fully colored version of the game has been released.
  • There are many areas that are not the same as where they originated.
  • New and customized soundtracks have been created.
  • Pokemon Starters and Legendaries can be encountered at some events in Hoenn.


All season long, Pokemon Quetzal will keep you on the edge of your seat. As a result of capturing Quetzal, Team Plasma is able to control weather conditions. In order to stop Team Plasma from using Quetzal's power for evil purposes, Ash and his friends must free Quetzal from their grasp. An action-packed adventure with a thrilling climax - this story has it all. Take a look at Pokemon Quetzal and start playing today!  Check out Pokemon Altered Platinum (Updated) as well

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