Seçim Oyunu 2023 APK

Seçim Oyunu 2023 APK 1.0.1 Download 2024

1.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
May 06, 2023
248.3 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Seçim Oyunu 2023 APK - Prepare yourself for the craziest choice game ever! Select your preferred party or throw your own, complete with a unique theme. Travel across Turkey to rallies and events, as well as make TV appearances to win over voters and gain their support.

Election Game 2023 has spectacular 3D visuals and original game mechanics that let you race ahead of other campaign cars and leave your competitors in the dust. To achieve the best score, you can overtake rival buses while driving at a high pace through traffic and past other cars without crashing. When you successfully pass automobiles without hitting them, your score rises. In order to earn bonus points when you face off against a competitor bus, push the button as soon as possible.

You can tailor your experience with 10 different parties to pick from, each with their own vehicle options, music, and skins, and test yourself with 5 different difficulty levels dependent on the population of the city.

There are 7 interesting game modes in Election Game 2023, including Congress, Race in Traffic, Tap-Tap with Rivals, Attention Game at Rallies, Answer Questions on TV, and Penalty Shootout. Additionally, you can enhance your party area, decorate your workplace, fortify your convoy in the garage, and safeguard your party's special convoy with various bus designs, music, and police vehicle backup.

You must construct downtowns, grow your party's base, and hold rallies across the country if you want to win the elections. These actions will increase attention and voter turnout. In all cities, watching TV will raise your score, and answering questions on TV accurately and quickly will raise your score much further. On election day, your votes can be lowered if you don't conduct rallies in specific cities.

Turkish language support is included for Election Game 2023, and you may use motion sensors, steering, or touch controllers to drive your vehicle in racing mode. Additionally, you can memorize the images that scroll on the prompter and repeat them in rally mode, rapidly and accurately respond to inquiries from reporters in TV mode, and repeatedly hit the "yes" button in direct mode with a competitor bus. To read the text and defend your podium from those attempting to prevent you from introducing a bill, go here.

Create your own election experience by downloading the 2023 election game right away. To aid in the game's development, don't forget to rate and review it on Google Play!

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