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Stuck At Home APK 0.2.5c Download 2023

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0.2.5c for Android
Updated On:
Sep 25, 2023
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5.0 and up

Stuck At Home APK - Just as he was getting used to working from home, he lost his job and had to move back in with his family because his rent went through the roof. Most of them were happy to see him again, but he wasn't nearly as happy. For him, it was like going back to the beginning, as if he had never left. Now, he would have to spend his days doing nothing. He couldn't go outside because of the rules, and he couldn't make money or help anyone else. Worst of all, he kept running into his family in dangerous and uncomfortable places.

It didn't matter if it had been a couple of years since he had seen them if the quarantine made him sexually unhappy, or if he was just always crazy in the head. He found himself attracted to his own mother and his own brothers.

Could it be that they had the same feelings? Maybe the end of this lockdown wouldn't be as bad as the beginning.


  • Jason is the main character.
  • Jude is the mom.
  • The older sister is Mia.
  • The younger brother was Casey.
  • The younger sister, Chloe.


  • Details about the past.
  • Good user interface.
  • Ability to move around and communicate with things in the house.
  • There are a lot of small games. (There are still more changes to come!)

Planned Features:

  • There is more than one path and at least one for each character.
  • Dresses and ways of talking.
  • Scenes that move.
  • A calendar that takes into account the seasons and holidays.
  • Even more!

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