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Tchia Game APK 1.0 Download 2023

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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2023
Varies with device
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Tchia Game APK - An Open-World experience set in a tropical setting. In this physics-based sandbox game, you can climb, glide, swim, and sail your boat throughout a lovely island archipelago. Jam out on your fully playable ukulele while you take control of any animal or object you may find in the game world.

Help Tchia on her mission to save her father from the evil tyrant Meavora, who is the ruler of the archipelago. This action-packed, open-world adventure takes place in a tropical setting. Explore a sandbox that is driven by physics by climbing, gliding, swimming, and steering your boat across several lovely islands. You will do battle with the fabric troops that Meavora has crafted in open arenas, where your ingenuity will offer you an advantage. You can take control of any animal or thing you come across, meet new people, and play your fully playable ukulele while doing so.

A lyrical coming-of-age story with New Caledonia as its primary inspiration

Jumping One's Soul

Because of Tchia's unique skill, you have the ability to take control of any animal or object you come across. You can fly around as a bird, swim across the water as a fish, or even search for buried wealth as a dog. There are over 30 different animals and hundreds of objects to pick from. Utilize your unique soul-jumping talents to explore solve riddles, and reveal secrets.

The process of exploration and traversal

You will travel through a wide archipelago by jumping and gliding, and you can use the Tricks system to pull off some incredible acrobatics and dives. You are able to scale any object in the world, even any tree that is governed by the game's physics engine, thanks to the free climbing mechanic. Take to the waves of the ocean, sail your fully-customizable boat through azure lagoons, and explore the underwater world full with shipwrecks and coral reefs.


Your fully playable ukulele will be a reliable companion for the duration of the game, whether you choose to strum it by yourself or collaborate with other people who live on the archipelago. Play the unlocks melodies at any time in the open world to cause unique occurrences to take place, such as attracting animals, causing it to rain, etc., or use it during important story moments that take place during rhythm portions.

Both a Tale and a Song

Go on an emotional journey with Tchia and come face to face with a colorful ensemble of people drawn from a variety of New Caledonian traditions. Your trip will be punctuated by fully animated cutscenes dubbed in a traditional language, and an original orchestral tune that is blended with local noises will create a world that is both distinct and immersive.

The Personalization Process and Items

You can give Tchia's boat and wardrobe a makeover with the help of hundreds of unlocking cosmetic pieces that range from a classic appearance to the craziest possible customizations. Throughout the way, you will also be able to unlock many helpful and entertaining gadgets, such as a torch, slingshot, compass, camera, and so on.

Caledonia Nouvelle

The landscape of New Caledonia, a teeny-tiny island in the Pacific Ocean that is also the birthplace of Awaceb's co-founders, served as the basis for the creation of the world of Tchia. The diverse local landscapes, cultures, music, languages, folklore, and customs served as a source of creativity that was used to build a fictional universe and to tell a story that is accessible to and enjoyable for people of all backgrounds and backgrounds. The voices of the characters are provided by native speakers of the traditional languages of the area, and the dialogue is subtitled in a wide variety of languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, German, and many more.

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