Virtual Families 3 APK

Virtual Families 3 APK 2.1.11 Download 2024

2.1.11 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 25, 2023
176.22 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Virtual Families 3 APK - The follow-up to the hugely popular mobile game "Virtual Families 2" has arrived!

Adopt a Family Right Now!

Adopt one of the thousands of tiny people who live in your phone. Help them choose a husband or wife and start a virtual family in this life simulation game. Have children and give the house to them! Help care for and guide future generations by keeping track of your family's beautiful story.

Make your dream house

Grow and fix up your imaginary home. Your adopted child's new home has a lot of promise, but it needs some work. Think about your ideal home and make it happen. You can add beds, a garden, a home theatre, or even a game room. Collect things to put in each room to make it your own.

Live a happy, successful life

From the time they are babies until they are adults, teach your children how to take care of their home and make the best decisions in life. Help them get a job so they can make money for decorations, necessities, and treats. Make your virtual family the best they can be by giving them upgrades. You'll get texts from your little people thanking, begging, and praising you for taking care of them. Don't forget to check on them, because they miss you and get very sad when they don't hear from you.

The life simulation takes place in real time!

When you turn off the app, your little family still lives, eats, grows, and works. Along the way, you'll have to deal with a lot of different chances. Each one adds a new twist to this simulation game and brings the unexpected into your daily virtual life. Find game play that is very different and surprising. Every time someone plays a game, the story goes in a different direction. This strategy game is made to be self-sufficient.


Making and customising characters

You can make family models that look different and have different traits that make them unique. Change things like skin colour, hairstyle, clothes, and more to make your figures stand out.

How to run a family

Take on the part of family manager and make choices about work, career, and day-to-day activities. Look for jobs that fit the hobbies and skills of everyone in the family.

Talk to each other and interact

Talk to family members, play with them, and do everyday things with them. Make family ties strong and caring.

Make a house

Build and arrange the dream home for your family. Shop for furniture, pick out some decorations, and make other changes to your living space to make it more comfy and attractive.

Handle money and things you need

Buy the family food, drink, furniture, and other necessities. Take care of the family's money and tools so that the family can grow and be happy.

Genetics and how things grow

Keeping track of how family members change over time. They will get older, start their own children, and have changes in their genes and personalities.

Missions and Events

There are many tasks and events in the game that will test you and your family. Choose wisely and finish tasks to get rewards and move forwards in the game.

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