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Aim Master APK 1.5.0 Descargar 2024

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Aim Master
1.5.0 para Android
Actualizado en:
feb. 20, 2024
9.94 MB
Android requerido:
5.0 and up

Aim Master APK - Master, aim for eight balls. For 8-ball pool players, the pool is a professional tool that will help you advance to the professional level in billiards and pool. It can assist you with automatically extending the aim line and aiming the ball. It is simple to target bank shots or cushion shots in addition to making direct, straight strokes with ease. Similar to how you would use an actual ruler to measure the path or an angle calculator. There's a chance for success.


Line of Extended Aim and Auto-aim

  • As soon as the 8-ball pool game is launched, the pool table, every ball, and the cue will all be detected.
  • Aiming the cue ball by rotating the cue. The enlarged line and aim tool will appear automatically. There is nothing more to do.
  • Play 8-ball pool or billiards with our auto-aim feature!

Easy Bank Shots to Aim for

  • Easily aim a bank shot without taking any additional steps.
  • The broken line with the precise measured angle will appear automatically.
  • After striking the cushion, the object ball will correctly return to your object pocket.

8 Ball Pool Aim Master: Auto-aim feature and elongated aim line

  • With Aim Master for 8 Ball Pool, you can master pool and billiards games!
  • There will soon be more features accessible! Please continue to watch!

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