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2月 21, 2024
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Dragon Pocker APK - What is a real-time combined card battle?

At the same time, up to five players can concentrate on working together with friends.

An innovative real-time poker and role-playing game

A thrilling sense of reuniting with friends! Play with a plethora of elements!

Features of the game

Five-person group play

  • Take control of dungeons anytime you want!
  • By working together, the five players can overcome the dungeon's creatures!
  • The game is fascinating because it has over a thousand creatures! Monster skills come in more than 200 varieties!

System of intrusion

  • Participate in your friend's dungeon by receiving their "push notification" and joining them!
  • To combat vicious monsters, combine your card talents with those of your companion!

Extremely Secret Mission

  • In the top-secret task, retrieve the "treasure" that the dungeon master is holding!
  • But it appears that you won't always be able to obtain the loot even if you beat the boss!
  • You will need to keep trying even after you have successfully completed a dungeon to obtain the prize!
  • It appears that completing top-secret missions will get you access to dragon stones and SP cards!

System of Guerrilla Outbreaks

It's rare for guerrilla mode to activate as soon as you enter the dungeon!

  • "Golden Guerrilla" → Vigilant within the prison? periods.
  • "Oni Guerrilla" → How valuable is the dungeon experience? periods.
  • "Dragon Guerrilla" ⇒ Sharp and hands-on points? periods.
  • "God Guerrilla" → Perceptive & practical points? What is the probability that a monster turns into a card or the double + card conversion probability? periods.


  • During combat, you are free to utter pre-registered words (well-known lines) whenever you please!
  • You may time your attacks to make people laugh by using yells! A characteristic that clownish people must have!
  • Additionally, you have unrestricted input, so you may enjoy strategy talk while playing!

Lastly, a 5 versus. 5 interpersonal match

Conflict amongst people! Colosseum

  • The game "Colosseum," which features 5-on-5 multiplayer matches, has finally been published!
  • Now let's engage in combat with the most powerful cards that have been enhanced by vanquishing monsters!
  • Gather dragon medals that you may swap for rare cards and other items after winning battles.

The Yarikomi element

combination of skills

  • A "skill combination" with additional skills will happen when you use a card that has a "combination skill" on it!
  • It is possible to "combine skills" to make attacks even more powerful!
  • "Cooperation" and "individual role sharing" among friends should be the winning strategies under this system!

Superb combination method

  • It appears that pairing specific monsters can activate incredibly potent "super combination techniques"!
  • You can aim for a one-shot reversal even when facing a merciless and formidable boss by using the "super combination technique" that was released with the help of pals!

SP aptitude

  • Players can unleash "SP skills" in addition to monster cards!
  • SP cards can be used to equip skills that can be used in battle.
  • It appears that a lot of crucial abilities, such as "card conversion UP," "hand shuffle," and "skill activation," might help progress the fight favorably!

Group conversation

  • You can create a group chat with up to 21 individuals, including yourself, by inviting your friends!
  • You can invite your pals on an expedition at any moment, and you'll get push alerts about the topics you discussed in the group chat!

Associated Dungeon

  • Using the group chat, you can take your pals to the dungeon whenever you'd like.
  • You may play without worrying because there will be more seamless communication between the adventure and chat!
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