Subway Surfers Zurich APK

Subway Surfers Zurich APK 2.2.0 下载 2024

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SYBO Games
2.2.0 对于Android
2月 21, 2024
101 MB
5.0 and up

Subway Surfers Zurich APK - Are you trying to find an exciting, never-ending runner game to play? You only need to look at the Subway Surfers Zurich APK! Kiloo and SYBO Games have created an intriguing game that will keep you occupied for many hours.

What is Subway Surfers Zurich Apk?

In the Infinite Runner game Subway Surfers Zurich APK, you take on the role of a teenage graffiti artist who unintentionally gets discovered by a sour inspector and his dog. Outrunning them through the subway system while avoiding obstacles and gathering coins is your goal.


Subway Surfers Zurich APK is an easy-to-use yet addictive gameplay. To move the character through lanes and avoid obstacles, swipe left or right. You can also roll or jump. Running as far as you can without getting caught is the aim.

Three Lanes

There are three running lanes in the primary setting for the character to use. To avoid obstacles and gather coins that are strewn across the game, you must alternate between these lanes.

Leaping and Sliding

You can hop by doing vertical screen swipes to dodge obstacles. Rolling on the ground is another way to get over low-hanging things.


Using a hoverboard is one of the most thrilling elements in Subway Surfers Zurich APK. You can use the hoverboard to ride on rails and jump higher for a brief period of time by double-tapping the screen.

Gathering Coins and Enhancements

Apart from having to outrun the inspector and his dog, you also need to gather as many coins as you can. These coins can be spent to upgrade power-ups, purchase hoverboards with various capabilities, and unlock new characters.

There are power-ups strewn around the game that can assist you in different ways. Certain power-ups, for instance, let you leap farther, glide through the air at extremely high speeds, or gather cash automatically from every track.

Unlocking Hoverboards and Characters

The opportunity to acquire additional hoverboards and personalities in Subway Surfers Zurich APK is one of its most thrilling features. You can spend the coins you gather to buy new things and alter the way the game looks.

In summary

The straightforward and enjoyable game Subway Surfers Zurich APK will keep you occupied for many hours. This colorful, engaging game is the ideal way to compete with friends to see who can evade the inspector and his dog for the longest, especially with its frequent upgrades. Get the Subway Surfers Zurich APK now to begin your never-ending adventure!

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